Come to a Magical Smoke Shop

Visit Dragon's Breath smoke shop for pipes and more

Dragons are mythical creatures known for their bad attitudes and fiery personalities. At Dragon's Breath smoke shop, we're a lot more welcoming and laid-back than those winged beasts. However, we're enthusiastic about celebrating the ancient mystery and magic of pipe smoking and herbal medicine.

As one of the area's oldest and best-known smoke shops, we're a favorite of smoking connoisseurs and glass pipe collectors alike. Whether you're looking to add a new pipe to your collection or improve your health with an herbal supplement, you'll find what you're looking for at our East Texas store.

3 Treasures You'll Find in the Dragon's Breath Trove

1. Beautiful glass pipes

Dragon's Breath has one of the region's biggest selections of glass pipes. We carry pieces by local glass artists that are both functional and decorative.

2. Holistic health solutions

We carry a number of products for improving your personal health and well-being. Come in and speak with one of our associates to learn more about our:

3. Stylish body jewelry

Dragon's Breath is your go-to retailer for body jewelry in East Texas. We carry earrings, nose rings, belly button rings and more. Come in today to see what's on sale!

Call Dragon's Breath at 903-593-0178 to ask us about our inventory. We look forward to helping you discover ancient treasures!

Tommy Chong speaks about Dragon's Breath!