Find Style That's Fire

Find Style That's Fire

Browse East Texas's largest selection of body jewelry

Have you recently pierced your:

  • Ear?
  • Nose?
  • Eyebrow?
  • Belly button?

Come to Dragon's Breath to browse a wide selection of body jewelry and accessories. We carry unique pieces to suit every style. Whether you want your look to be bold or understated, you'll find something to love at our jewelry shop.

3 things to do with a new piercing

  1. Leave it alone. Touching your new piercing too often could lead to infection. Give your piercing the time it needs to heal.
  2. Don't let substances touch it. Keep shampoo, perfume and other chemicals away from your new piercing.
  3. Clean it regularly. Use a cotton ball or swab and a cleaning solution to carefully clean the piercing three times a day.

Come to Dragon's Breath to shop for earrings, belly button rings, nose rings and other unique jewelry items!